Stitches that add added value and a unique style to your garments.

You can also give them a touch of metallic shine embroidered with lurex threads or Gunold threads.

  • Colors: Maximum of 9.
  • Monthly capacity: 200.000 units.

Add texture to your embroidery with wool, achieving two different finishes:

Moss texture and chain stitch texture.

  • Colors: Maximum of 6 wool colors.
  • Monthly capacity: 20.000 units.

Add a touch of elegance using exclusive materials.

Check out some design ideas you could create!

  • Colors: Maximum of 2 colors.
  • Monthly capacity: 10.000 units.

Turn a simple design into something much more eye-catching by using embroidery cords.

Check out some design ideas you could create!

  • Colors: Maximum of 2 cords.
  • Monthly capacity: 10.000 units.

A very innovative and uncommon technique

Do you dare to create a design with it?

  • Colors: Maximum of 1 ribbon.
  • Monthly capacity: 10.000 units.

Give your design a 3D effect with foam.

Step out of the conventional and make your design stand out even more.

Colors: Maximum of 4 colors.

Monthly capacity: 100.000 units.

Add texture and shine to your embroidery with simple or reversible sequins of 3 and 5 millimeters in diameter to transform a simple design into something more appealing!

Reversible sequins are an ideal technique for the children’s segment, allowing you to create two designs in a single embroidery.

  • Colors: Maximum of 4 colors.
  • Monthly capacity: 15.000 units.

Designs with special touches:

  • Colors: Maximum of 9 colors.
  • Monthly capacity: 100.000 units.

Ultrabordados is one of the leading embroidery companies in the city of Medellín. This is due to three key factors: using specialized machines (chenille, sequins, beads, cords), having a highly skilled team of designers proficient in the use of Wilcom embroidery software, and lastly, offering a comprehensive range of textile finishing services, including printing, embroidery, sublimation, and laser cutting.

We stay at the forefront of technology and work with the best embroidery machine brands in the market, such as Tajima, Barudan, Goar, and others, to provide the best embroidery service tailored to the needs of each client.

In response to the growing demand for laser-cut embroidery, we acquired the first embroidery machine with laser cutting in each of its heads in 2022. This allows us to be more efficient in producing laser-cut embroidered designs and provide an exceptional experience to our clients. Take a look at all the designs we have created and contact us to collaborate on your next project.

We have 14 embroidery machines and 2 additional machines with 1 and 2 heads respectively to create your embroidery samples. We offer our services both in Medellín and throughout Colombia.