Ultrabordados is Sustainability Innovation Creativity


First Stich

John Jairo Aristizabal and Patricia Borja Correa founded Ultrabordados on October 27, 1992. The company started with a single embroidery machine and had six employees.

Quick progress

In 1993, they rented 3 embroidery machines and hired the first designer to create the embroideries.

Market Consolidation

The facility had 6 flat embroidery machines and consolidates its position among its customers.

Laser Machine

In 1996, seeking differentiation in the market, they purchased the first laser machine.

Chenille and Sequins

In 2005, seeking differentiation from the competition, two new machines for embroidery with Chenille and sequins, both single and double-sided, were acquired.

Screen Printing

In 2007, the new printing service was incorporated. The growing trend of combining embroidery and printing created the need to establish this department, ensuring the integrity and complementarity of the services offered.


A water treatment plant is acquired to recirculate 95% of the water used in printing.

Growth in Screen Printing

In 2021, the printing area already had 3 automatic screen printing machines and 2 heat presses, one of which has double band and double speed, allowing each of the automatic screen printing machines to operate efficiently.



Challenging the traditional methods of textile finishing through technology and innovation, with the least possible environmental impact.


To be the leading company in embroidery and printing with the implementation of new technologies and the development of environmentally friendly practices.



We surround ourselves with people who enjoy what they do, which enhances creativity, problem-solving abilities, and maintains emotional well-being. This adds value to our customers’ products


We want Ultrabordados to always be associated with environmental care; that’s why we focus on achieving a balance between business growth and respect for the ecosystem.


We are constantly seeking to improve our processes, based on both our experiences and external developments.


Our team and clients are the pillars of the business, that’s why we are always faithful and loyal to them

Members of the team

We put our heart and soul into every project